Dance Lesson Programs

There's A Dance Program For Everyone!

We're Here For You! No More Excuses! Whether you are a beginner looking to learn how to Swing, Salsa, Country Dance, and Tango, a seasoned competition dancer, or just an enthusiast looking to pick up a couple of steps for weddings and parties, Promenade has the perfect program for you.

Dance Programs

Promenade personally tailors each program to reach the goals of each individual student! It's your goals that we keep in mind... just tell us where you plan to see yourself dancing, and we'll take it from there! We know that partner dancing is a social activity, so we teach all our lessons to so that you are developing a "dance partnership."

Private lessons are best way to learn! Your instructor will work 1-on-1 with you alone or with your partner to teach everything you need to "hold your own" on the dance floor! Your on your way to developing a strong partnership together!

Getting Married? Gotta Big Date? Honeymoon? Formal Event?

Congrats on the big day! With our "Personally Designed" private lesson programs, you'll learn all you need to hold your own on the dance floor, whether you want to learn a few steps for the Big Day, Event, or even a Cruise or Trip. Learn some traditional and some contemporary to make that special day even more memorable! The best part is you will be developing a dance partnership that you can share together for the rest of your lives!

Have a special song to dance to? We specialize in first dance wedding choreography that is easy to remember and won't become one more stress in your life... your dance lessons will be a break from life that you'll greatly need and be looking forward to. More info? View our First Dance Wedding page!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Promenade has one rule... All our lessons must be Fun & Easy! Our nationally ranked staff are the most qualified in the dance industry, with continual training in the hottest dances, techniques, and styles! We are so sure that we will get you to every goal you desire... we even offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Looking For A New Hobby? Try DanceSport!

Step into the HOTTEST new trend... Competitive Ballroom Dancing known as DanceSport! Beyond specializing in teaching new dancers, as a leader in the dance industry, you too can go beyond the normal realm of dance lessons to become a competitor! Just ask your instructor!

The Mission Of Promenade

Promenade shall strive to exceed every expectation in order to create both a positive dance entertainment experience and exciting learning environment. We believe that great service begins with leadership. By hiring the highest quality staff and giving them respect, the best training, and opportunity, we'll meet every desired goal to make each experience at Promenade better than the last.

We want every moment with your Promenade instructor to be spent with your learning and pure enjoyment in mind! It's Fun, It's Easy... We Guarantee It!

Looking For A Great Dance Teacher? Make Sure S/he Is Certified Pro!

Our staff specializes in getting you to your goals in as short and easy time as possible! You'll be using your new steps in no time! Each instructor is professionally certified in all the hottest dances and styles... you name it... we'll teach it and make you the type of dancer you want to become. Our teachers know how to make your experience both fun and easy while learning the right techniques being danced out there today! Check out our Code of Ethics as defined by the NDCA.

Contact Us Today... And Start Dancing Tonight!

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