Classes And Lessons

Promenade... A New Class Of Dancing!

Promenade dance instructors are professionally certified to teach you the right way! We know there is a difference between "dancing" and "taking dance lessons," so we design all of our programs around each student individually to have you dancing at the level you desire in as short a time as possible... and look natural doing it!

Introductory Dance Lesson!

Everyone learns to dance for different reasons, so we offer you your first lesson dance evaluation for Only $35! On that session we'll teach you the basics to what you'd like to learn, and as well, your instructor will be able to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses based on how you learn. We can then help you to plan for where we can get you in the next few lessons, depending upon how good you would like to become or the event you are looking to learn for. We will personally design the course best suited for your goals and desires.

Private Lessons

Private lessons, the core to Promenade teaching, are the best way to learn. You will be able to learn at your pace and be given all the important techniques as you are ready for them. Private lessons allow you to develop a dance style that fits your personality, and work on various dances and styles at once so that you can hold your own in every social situation. Convenience is the greatest benefit of private lessons... we can schedule them as it fits your schedule... 10 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week! Call or email now to schedule your first session!

Group Classes

Groups classes suppliment your private instruction. They allow you to practice the steps you've learned in a controlled environment, work on your lead and follow with various partners, and get that practice time "you keep saying you're gonna do." Typically we have at least one beginning, intermediate, and advanced class in each different style (like latin/salsa, swing, ballroom, country) each week. Our schedule varies on a monthly basis, so call or email today to see how soon we can get you started! Want a fun way to get started in a group class atmosphere...

Practice Parties And Nightlife

Practice Parties are our "battle conditions" at the studio. You can come to socialize and give your steps a try before going out on your own. Our teachers are there to help you with your floorcraft and just "let loose" in a dance studio/lesson atmosphere. We typically hold one practice session per week, and once a month we even make an event out of it... like even bring in Live Musicians or donating procedes to local charities! Call or email to find out when the next one is!

But there is no need to wait for a Promenade Event to start using your dancing... Social dancing is everywhere! Once you learn to dance, you'll find that you are using your dancing places you never expected... weddings, street fairs, bars, concerts, and parties!

DanceSport Competitions And Shows

Promenade continually promotes competitive level social dancing (DanceSport) not only through an expertise in instruction, but through sponsorship of DanceSport shows, exhibitions, and lecture/coaching series' by the the top competitive dancers of today.

Interested in competition... want to watch a competition like on TV... interested becoming a competition or DanceSport sponsor? Promenade continuously supports DanceSport competition throughout the United States and world.

Just interested in dancing for fun? Come watch and help us to support and throughout pop culture. All the top couples started right where you are now... having fun! Ask your instructor for more info!


In order to be able to offer the grace and enjoyment of partner dancing to kids and teens, we offer a Cotillion of the new millennium! It's not boring table manors and walking with books on your head anymore, we will teach you the proper way to interact in all social atmospheres (dining, professional, parties, etc.), as well and teach you the partner dances you'll need in today's world... slow dancing.. fast dancing... and even salsa!
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